Full Service Window Specialists 
When it comes time to replace your windows, whether in a commercial or residential property, having a choice in products and designs is essential. With Done-Right Construction, you’re assured a choice in some of the best products in the industry, hand-picked by us for their durability, functionality, and overall beauty. The windows are the eye to your home, and with us, you can be sure that those eyes are well-kept and striking, all with a lifetime warranty! We categorize our various products into three different groups: classic, heritage, and heritage maximum.
Classic Windows: A true designers dream, our classic windows combine form and function into one incredible, cost-effective product. Each window can be suited to the specific architectural features of the home or building, and all of our products come with all of the bells and whistles, including glazing, exterior color choices, and various interior and exterior accessories.
Heritage Windows: Are you looking for a little bit of technology in addition to a classic design? Then our heritage window selection in Ottawa is perfect for you. These windows look like wood but are made of durable vinyl, which means you can give even the most historic building or home a realistic look with the cost-effective resilience of modern products. Of course, these products come with all of the bells and whistles as well, from various color options to accessory choices.
Heritage Maximum Windows: Featuring a 4 ½ inch frame, these windows provide beauty and strength in one. And with the slim profile, you get more glass per window than any other product, which means more natural light and better views. These function in both new construction and renovation projects, and we can work the windows into nearly any architectural style. If you want more light and a more durable product, these are the best windows in Ottawa!
We offer various types and styles of windows in each of these categories, so we can completely outfit your Ottawa home or business with one or several types of windows! Here’s a quick primer on what we offer and how they work.

Single-Hung Sash Windows
These windows operate from one sash only, making them cost effective and durable while still allowing for plenty of ventilation. They’re all available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors!
Horizontal Slider Windows: This style window opens inward in a tilting motion making for easy cleaning and simple operations. They’re perfect for smaller rooms, bathrooms, and areas along the sides of your home or property.
Tilt Windows: For the individual who wants something beautiful as well as plenty of air-flow, the single hung tilt window is ideal. The bottom tilts inward while the top remains fixed. This one-two punch of easy cleaning and energy efficiency make single hung tilt windows a favorite among Ottawa property owners.
Slider Lift-Out Windows: Outfitted with energy efficient glass and durable vinyl frames, these windows open with a lift-out sash featuring non-stick sliding. Providing plenty of glass-space at an affordable price point, these windows are a favorite for nearly any room of a home or building.
Double-Hung Sash Windows
With maximum ventilation options and simple cleaning, these windows are available in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes, making them perfect for nearly any room in your home!
Sliding Windows: So beautiful and so durable, these windows open inwards from the top and bottom and work well in spaces where an exterior projecting window simply isn’t feasible. It’s simple in design, making it ideal for a variety of architectural styles, and provides plenty of ventilation and easy cleaning.
Hung Windows: Tilting inward from both top and bottom, these double hung windows are perhaps our most popular. Providing plenty of ventilation during the warmer months due to the multiple configurations for opening, and keeping the home warm and cozy during the cooler months due to the thermally efficient construction and glass, these are perfect for every Ottawa property.
Picture Windows
Our picture windows feature a 4-½ inch frame and a brick mold inside of extruded vinyl, making them just as durable and functional as they are beautiful!
Low-Profile: Available in any shape or style, this beauty is all window and less frame, just as a picture window should be. Perfect for landscape style views, you can choose this alone or add it alongside our operable windows for a stunning wall of glass as well as plenty of air-flow.
High-Profile: We love these for city views, deep woods, and simply for the dramatic impact that they have on the inside and outside of your home. Designed to maintain structural integrity while providing you with a line of sight unmatched by any other window style in Ottawa, this can be installed on its own, along with other windows, and in nearly any architectural style or size you want.
Even More Choices

Specializing in windows and doors in Ottawa, Done-Right Construction also offers a variety of other window styles, providing our clients with every option at every price range!
Casement Windows: Opening inwards from the side much like a door, casement windows make an architectural impact while still providing plenty of light, ventilation, and easy cleaning.

Awning Windows: Tilting inwards or outwards from the bottom, awning windows are energy efficient, easy to clean, and provide the security you want and need. Plus, they’re fantastic along tall walls, in basements, and in living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens.

Bow Windows: Are you looking for a bit more space and an eye-catching window without cutting into your yard? Bow windows jut out just enough to look stunning and make a room feel more airy without actually losing any of your flower beds.

Bay Windows: The king of stunners, bay windows are perfect for highlighting views, adding drama to the front of a home, and turning any space into a bright, airy haven.



Even with the best of products, you want your windows installed correctly, and the only way to ensure that is by choosing an experienced professional to do the work. When it comes to installing windows and doors in Ottawa, nobody does it quite like Done-Right Construction, and we specialize in installing top-quality windows to help you update your home, both in style and efficiency. And we accomplish this, in part, by using top-of-the-line technology.


We offer TrueWARM Edge Technology from Super Space on all of our windows. This is a 100% polymer foam system that drastically increases thermal efficiency without using any conductive metals. By utilizing polymer foam rather than metal, heat and cooling loss is reduced drastically, increasing the energy efficiency of your home all while reducing condensation and frosting. As a by-product, this also goes a long way towards preventing mold development, especially in the winter months.


If you’re like many home or business owners, you’re replacing your windows, in part, to increase the property’s energy efficiency, reducing the cost of heating and cooling it. As one of the leading providers of windows and doors in Ottawa, we firmly stand behind this technology, and know that you’ll see a dramatic return on investment each and every time you open a heating or cooling bill.


If you want the best in windows, the TrueWARM edge technology from Super Space is definitely the way to go, and when coupled with one of our stunning windows, the duo simply cannot be beat. With the professional designers and contractors at Done-Right Construction in Ottawa, you can be assured that your windows are installed perfectly and designed to fit the overall look and style of your home or building.