Commercial Services

Done-Right Construction provides commercial general contractor services in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Focusing on all major areas of construction, including planning, designing, new construction, remodeling, and finish work, we strive to be a one-stop contracting service for every business in the area. We provide smaller services, such as replacing door frames or redoing flooring in your office, to completing complex remodels, including electrical work, plumbing, window and door installation, additions and extensions, and tenant renovations.

Budgeting and Scheduling

As a business owner, time and money are two of your highest priorities. And as experienced contractors in Ottawa, they are ours as well. Our dedication to commercial contracting work is unparalleled, yet this same dedication and consideration extends to how we run our projects in both budget and schedule. We pride ourselves in keeping to our clients’ financial concerns and working with them to develop, and adhere to, a timeline that works well for everyone involved. We are well-known in Ottawa as a contractor that balances professionalism, quality work, and timeliness to a level unheard of in our field. When you need a job done on time, you need Done-Right Construction!

Minimum Downtime

We focus on maintaining minimum downtime just as much as we do ensuring that the work is done well and on time. After all, while you want your commercial construction project completed as quickly as possible, you also don’t want to lose business during the process. We work with both tenants and business owners to manage noise, keep spaces clean and safe, and work diligently to interrupt daily life or work as little as possible. While some contractors in Ottawa may expect a completely clear site and 100% access at all times, we know that working around tenants, employees and customers is the foundation of a quality commercial contractor.

Ultimately, at Done-Right Construction we understand that one of the absolute necessities in a commercial contractor is finding a company that understands business just as well as it understands construction. Between our attention to budget, timelines, and cooperative work environments, that is what you get with us.