Done-Right Construction installs new and replacement patio and entryway doors in both existing properties, new construction and in additions and extensions for Ottawa residents and business owners. We utilize the best products in the industry as well as our experienced installers to quickly and professionally hang the best doors available.

Patio Doors

Done-Right Construction favors the Ultra Patio door sliding collection from Window City. Oftentimes, patio doors are either so secure that you lose the light and picturesque benefits of this style door, or it is so decorative that you end up seriously skimping on security. This line is the perfect combination of the two basic door needs, providing stunning amounts of natural light along with an insulated kick plate to maintain energy efficiency, and durable, reliable locks to keep you and your home safe.

Of course, how the patio door looks on your Ottawa property is important as well. This line features several color options as well as various interior and exterior trim packages to create a seamless finished design. In addition to this, we offer different styles of grilles, hardware designs and finishes, transoms, and sidelights. We custom manufacturer the door of your dream, and then install it professionally, expertly, and quickly.

Entry Doors

At Done-Right Construction, we only use the best in products, which is why we’ve carefully chosen Standard Doors Inc. as the official supplier for all of our entry doors. While there are many, many options available to you as an Ottawa home or business owner from this amazing company, we are especially partial to one variety, and we think that you will be as well.

The Sophistica line is elegant while still energy efficient, and ultimately, it is simply stunning. While you can go with a bottom dollar entry doors, you’re sacrificing safety as well as lifespan. The Sophistica line is incredibly durable and beautiful, with a variety of features that truly set it apart from the rest of the pack.

This door features a decorative exterior fixture that both adds to the aesthetics of the piece and helps to prevent leakage during rainstorms, all while hiding the weather stripping, a state-of-the-art double sealed product that is the best of the best in terms of protecting your home from air and water leakage. The astragal and mullion posts are stunning and durable, made of wood and coated in aluminum, and outfitted with heavy duty flush bolts. The integral sweep and corner bumper pads prevent water leakage while hiding adjustment screws, and the finished product is sleek, stunning, and goes well beyond the standard entry door.

With Done-Right Construction, you can be sure that any door you choose is hung well and quickly. We can use these amazing products to replace and upgrade your existing patio or entry doors in Ottawa, or install them in new openings on an addition, remodel or new construction. Contact us today to learn more!